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Full Version: Rhonda Rousey's knock out
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Normally I could care less about MMA fighting.  However I took a look at the kick and KO on YT for grins.  The thing I noted that was of great interest was the location where she got kicked.  It was on the side of the neck (brachial plexus) by the instep of Holly's foot.  Normally the instep isn't the best spot to kick with (I prefer the shin).  But the side of the neck was the key to this knock out imo. 

Very interesting.
I thought the fight illustrated some other things worth noting.  In MMA, the nature of the sport automatically gives an advantage to the grappler/wrestler/jiu-jitsu practitioner.  They are wearing padded gloves (though the padding is minimal), and some strikes are against the rules.  As they should be given that it is a sport and not really a gladiatorial cage match.

Such rules made Rhonda Rousey seem invincible.  She was stronger than other women in her weight class and was extremely tough.  Hence she could bull through strikes and close to a grappling position where her judo skills and relentless aggression overwhelmed opponents.

But relentless aggression that refuses to adjust to a skilled striking opponent can quickly backfire.  A well placed strike will break the "flow" of almost any aggressor and leave them defenseless against follow-up strikes.  Rousey learned this the hard way.

Holly Holm's striking and takedown defense left Rousey frustrated and ill-prepared to adapt and overcome.  Even in a sport situation that favored Rousey's skill set.
I also think Rousey's attitude overall had gotten so cocky, belligerent, and arrogant that she didn't take Holm seriously. from what I saw Holm relied a lot on evasion and well placed shots. It didn't seem like she landed a ton of hits but the ones she did looked well grouped and so not only was Rousey more tired than usual in the 2nd round after chasing her all over the place but her nose was swelled shut from a focused punches to the face. I think she gassed out pretty quick in the 2nd and Holm took advantage of it ending with that nasty neck kick.

I was glad to see Rousey get knocked down a peg. In my opinion she was a bad example of martial spirit and hopefully this will put her in a more humble and respectful place.
IMO, I think the fight was fixed in a way. I noticed that Rousey only attempted one takedown and played a stand up punching match, which she was / is ill suited for. At this level with the pay for view attendance high for a womans match, the only way to increase that would be a rematch if Rousey lost. I've watched a couple of Rousey's matches and she never attempted to trade punches, she always went to her strong point of takedown and submission. For her to change so drastically and against an established kickboxing champion makes absolutely no sense. I bet they'll make a fortune on a rematch. The guy (Dana) that runs the UFC is no dummy where bucks are concerned.
Could be. If so then I have to hand it to Rousey. She took an ass whuppin that left her downright messed up. Must have been a heck of a payday!
I wasn't there and only saw a snippet on TV but one of my guys was there. He made a few comments that pretty much back up what has been said. I don't believe the fight was fixed in any way. Rousey was beaten fair and square. The first comment was that Rousey spent all the first round chasing after her opponent trying to get in to grapple, so much so that she seemed out of wind at the end of the first round. The next comment was on the effectiveness of the strike to the neck which finished the contest.

Overall I don't have much time for UFC and the preflight publicity here did nothing to further its cause.
The entire fight can be watched on u tube. The way she struggled and attempted to punch was horrible and totally out of character. It makes you wonder why she would change fight tactics to something that she was not suited for. She has fought other's who boxed and ran and she still did the takedown and pound, but in this fight it was totally abandoned and in truth, she looked like a novice attempting to fight for the first time. I suggest reviewing the fight and then looking at a couple of her other fights and you can see a definitive difference. As i stated prior, I think money has a major play in this. If she would have won, there was no one else for her to fight and it just may have lead to a fading away of any interest in another fight. But in loosing, the bank vault opened for a rematch. Now she did take a lot of shots and she got a little bloody and it was the leg kick that did her in, but only because she fought the opponents fight. When you change so drastically in form, to me, something stinks, but we'll see when the rematch happens and how quickly she regains her form and the belt. When money is involved, all honesty is burried and how can we make more.
It doesn't matter to me if it was fixed or not, competitions such as this are amoung the easiest things to fix and when $ is involved it is always suspect. 

My interest was in the strike to the brachial plexus.  That is about my favorite go-to area for striking.
Isn't it interesting? I just watched it for the first time and saw exactly what had been described by my guy who was there. The better fighter won on her merits. You can see at least two occasions where Rousey was trying to get an arm bar but Holm was too strong. Fixing a fight in Australia would do the UFC irreparable harm. Why would they risk it when this was a showcase fight for UFC?
Perhaps the term fixed is not a fully accurate offering for what transpired, but n the same vane, it may have been strongly suggested that a change of fight strategy would be in everyone's best interest. The best analogy I can offer is that of a 400 right handed baseball hitter, being told to go up and hit left handed, because something more lucrative would be on the horizon. Did Rousey get beat?, Yes, but did she get beat at her own game?, No. It doesn't make any sense to change a battle plan, knowing your only offering up your weakest position. She attempted to fight a stand up punching match and she was ill equipped to do so. None of her other matches remotely came close to such a farce. We can debate until her rematch and at such a time, we'll clearly see what game plan shows up and just how quickly the fight ends. That's the only way we might have a definitive answer. My personal opinion, anytime money is the pivotal player, nothing is off limits for those involved. Pro boxing has had more than it's share of questionable fights and yet folks still pay good money to watch it. We'll just have to wait and see.........
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