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Full Version: Good Video
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This is short, entertaining, and illustrative of the differences between tournament-level athletic kicksĀ simple, brutal, effective kicks:

Function vs. Form

Let me know what you think.
It certainly makes a good point. A little overly simplistic and broad stroke, but point made nonetheless.
It is simplistic and paints with a broad brush. I am also highly suspicious that it was choreographed since no punches were thrown. But I think it does make a point. And I am a taekwondo guy who trained for a lot of high kicks.
Looking from a purely SD viewpoint, the kicker should have been nullified after the first kick attempt. Allowing multiple kicks to be thrown is only asking for "Murphy's Law" (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) to surface. So under that assessment, this was a choreographed demo. That being said, it does offer a venue for simplistic and effective counter, which again, from a SD viewpoint, is imperative for successful defenses.