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Full Version: S.P.E.A.R. Certification - Is it worth the time and money?
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I've been researching Blauer's S.P.E.A.R System and flirting with the idea of pursuing it.  Does anyone here have any thoughts?  I believe Kong Soo Do Karate got the certification at one point.  Do you think it is worth it?
I took S.P.E.A.R. back around 2000 give-or-take.  I think that the methodology is sound, practical and effective.  His system is still taught in our in-service training classes and has been for around 20 years.  If you have an opportunity I think it would only enhance what you already teach.  I've incorporated it into what I teach.  What's the process these days?  How much does it cost?
Here is a link to the process:

An initial attendee now costs $2,000.00, which seems ridiculous to me. However, I have been able to get to where I am now while actually spending very little on martial arts training. Recently some self-defense, one-time class opportunities have started opening up for me. Would this training be worth it given those opportunities?
Would I spend 2K for the class?  No.  Not unless you're going to receive a lot more in return from teaching opportunities that come up for you.  

I will try to do a 'reader's digest' version for you that will give you the essence of what it's all about.  It isn't magic or complicated.  In fact, it's very simple, straight-forward and all gross motor skilled.  I will try to do something in the coming week.  I will let you know.
I already incorporate basic flinch response and gross motor movement into the front end of our training. The neurology and psychology of it is something that is fascinating to me even apart from martial applications. If you have time, I would certainly be interested in any summary you had to offer. But don't stress yourself over it!
Sorry for the late reply.  If you're still interested I'll put a video together next week after the holidays.   Smile