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Has north korea hurt your class sizes - d_spencer - 09-25-2017

Ive been seeing a drop in class sizes with the increase of tensions with north korea.  At first I was just seeing it as the normal rotations of people coming and going that every martial arts instructor knows very well.  But recently I had a student that told me he was not going to study with us anymore because we where Korean Karate.  After talking to him for a while I realized that he did not know their was a north and south Korea and he did not know what the Korean war was about.  This really made me surprised. My school is called Spencers Korean Karate, could it be their are people out their that might not know the difference in the two countries and as a result could it be hurting my attendance.  I would have though no way in the past but I ran into a olympic style tae kwon do friend when I was on vacation in Oklahoma who felt his class's where suffering due to people thinking they where north korean affiliated or something like that. I'm not asking for political answers to if you think what we are doing the wright or wrong thing with north korea but rather is this happening to you and if so what can we do to change this trend.

RE: Has north korea hurt your class sizes - Kong Soo Do Karate - 09-26-2017

I'm not at all surprised that many people don't know the difference between North and South Korea.  I've seen interviews where college students don't know when this country was founded.  One college girl thought it was 1942...and no, that isn't an exaggeration.  The don't know anything about our own government.  We're lucky if they can read and write which is a very sad account of our educational system.  The state of which is not by accident.  Easier to manipulate and control ignorant people than educated.  But that is a different topic altogether.

Couple of things you can do;  Discuss the differences in each of your classes so the student base as a whole knows the difference(s).  Secondly, how hard would it be to simply change the sign to Spencer's Karate?  The would allow you to at least get a prospective student in the door and the opportunity to educated them.

RE: Has north korea hurt your class sizes - d_spencer - 09-26-2017

We are thinking of changing the name, however I was bringing this up as a topic to see if others where going through this so I don't change our name with out some feed back first. Last night I did exactly what you had mentioned. I gave a few lectures on the history of the Korean war and the separation of the country, plus I also made them all take home a history packet telling our styles history as well. hopefully that education will help them. Im steel having a hard time thinking about americans not knowing the korean war history. My BA Degree was in us history and my masters was in us history with a focus on US and China Relations so for me I guess I was taking it for granted that everybody learns that part of history at least a little bit. Thank you for your feed back.

RE: Has north korea hurt your class sizes - Kong Soo Do Karate - 10-16-2017

What did you decide to do?

RE: Has north korea hurt your class sizes - d_spencer - 10-18-2017

(10-16-2017, 12:16 PM)Kong Soo Do Karate Wrote: What did you decide to do?

I've not changed my schools name but instead I've decided to weight and let things calm down and to my surprise our numbers are know going back to normal.

RE: Has north korea hurt your class sizes - Kong Soo Do Karate - 10-19-2017

Happy to hear that Smile