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TKD For Health Rehab. Tips?
Many years ago, I was totally smitten with Tae Kwon Do. Right now, I'm probably still not in good enough health to even make it through one class, but I am in good enough health where I've been doing basic blocks and strikes, first alone, and recently with 5 pound weights.

The weights are really helping. I'll alternate between punches and blocks, and gym type moves with it. Kind of like "tae bo" in the 80's. I'm still waiting to be put back into physical therapy, but I may not need it with all the healthy eating, walking and basically dancing with the weights. 

So, just yesterday I was thinking how the TKD patterns were a zillion years ago, and I was wondering if the community here had any thoughts on maybe some good youtube videos or links where I could watch the first few patterns being done properly. Basically something textbook, so that I could be able to do them at least somewhere in the ballpark of properly. 

It's been really gratifying living with health and fitness type people and I'm starting to build up this healthy momentum. And doing self defense as part of my physical recovery just seems more productive, and that adds even more momentum. 

Also, any other tips in general? PT is boring for me but walking the dogs, dancing and doing basic TKD with the weights set to loud music has been fun. The top half of my body needed/needs the most work. I ran the mile and half mile in track a zillion years ago, so I'd like to do some stretching soon, and integrate some of the kicks, and I figured, hey, maybe since I decided that I still liked TKD, I know someone who knows TKD. 

And then someday, maybe in a few months, I want to go be a white belt in TKD if my doctor clears me. Anyone know any teachers in Hillsboro, Oregon or the Portland Metro area? I even forget how to address a teacher in TKD. All I remember from the 80s is Master Lee and Mister Miller. The other basic etiquette is still fresh from taking my son to years of Japanese traditional karate. I couldn't believe the some of the rude parents who disrespected the dojo they paid to have their kids respect. But I really think it could be good physical therapy for me, obviously unless any of the doctors or TKD instructors disagree. If I can do it, then I want a decent instructor.

Thanks as always Smile
I used to do Chun Ji pattern with 5 lb. dumbbells going very slow and doing ALL the movements SLOW . North Austin TKD had good videos of the Chang Han patterns.
Thanks, I'll check it out. I'm definitely doing everything slow with the weights. Certain things like boxing uppercuts and TKD inward blocks I really feel the burn on.

My living space is oddly shaped. The TKD patterns take up too much space for me to do in my livingroom with the weights.

So I've been trying to add "pattern fragments" to the basic punches and blocks, as well as the shadow boxing and the various lifts and stuff I am doing with the weights.
If it is working for you then do it.
Harold's "If it is working for you then do it" is a fine principle for martial arts and fitness/rehab in general.

The good thing I do is better than the perfect thing I don't do.
Martial Arts done well leads to a more virtuous life because everyone is fighting something.

"If your eye is single, your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eye is evil, even the light that is within you will be darkness.  If the light that is within you is darkness, how great is that darkness?"  (Jesus of Nazareth)
This site has TSD, ITF TKD, and WTF TKD vids. Good luck and keep at it!
Oooh I knew this was the right place to ask about TKD, but I didn't know you had videos, thanks!

And thanks, guys for the info and encouragement! The great Bruce Lee said: "Take what is useful, discard what is not." In fact, I found my sig for this board Smile

I think I outsmarted myself trying to multitask by integrating TKD. And I'm so rusty anyway. I still do that first part that sounds like "chumbee" but mostly I'm trying to think like a nerd and making sure I hit all the muscle groups equally on both sides. And doing enough of it slow for muscle tone and enough of it fast for cardio.
Test, test, testing my new sig, test!
"Take what is useful, discard what is not." ~ Bruce Lee
(09-11-2015, 12:02 AM)Racer Wrote: Test, test, testing my new sig, test!

+1 for the sig line!
Two thousand years ago wise men sought Christ, wise men still do.

Techniques are situational, principles are universal.

Fast as the wind, quiet as the forest, aggressive as fire, and immovable as a mountain.

He who gets there first with the most...wins!

Minimal force may not be minimum force!

We don't rise to the occasion...we sink to the level of our training.

Thanks! There are a few quotes from him that have changed my life. Another of my favorites is:

"Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one." ~ Bruce Lee
"Take what is useful, discard what is not." ~ Bruce Lee

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