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How much?
How much was your first Dan BB test?  And if you're an instructor, what do you charge a student for their first Dan BB test?
Two thousand years ago wise men sought Christ, wise men still do.

Techniques are situational, principles are universal.

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He who gets there first with the most...wins!

Minimal force may not be minimum force!

We don't rise to the occasion...we sink to the level of our training.

Back in the late 80s mine was 135. Later in HKD it was 250. Can't remember my TSD.

I have a scaled fee for my students. The basic test which includes breaking wood, plain belt, and school cert. is $25.
Beyond that they can add embroidered belt, trimmed top, and additional registrations for additional cost(at cost to me).
My first BB test only cost some blood and a lot of pain. If you passed, you got your piece of paper (certificate) that said you achieved a Dan ranking. If you wanted, you could go out and buy a spanking new black belt, but by then, that white belt you had on for so long, looked just about black from dirt and sweat. Looking back, it was a great journey with only the attitude of learning. Unlike today's obsessions for different colored belts and get me there as fast as possible.

To date, I have not charged anyone for a BB test nor will I. If you came and train and show your sincere in wanting to learn and not emotionally caught up with rank, then you will embrace the journey, for that's really the true end result. Did I charge for training?, yes, but only to keep the doors open, when I had my own school. The knowledge passed on to me, was passed on to my instructor(s) and so on and so forth, so it was not only my duty to follow in those same footsteps, but also my privilege to be be able to do so.

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