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Advanced applications to basic line drills
(02-03-2016, 02:25 AM)Kong Soo Do Karate Wrote: Here is an example from Master Burrese showing a shoulder lock.  Although he is showing it as part of a grab defense, the principle is the same if you instead use the high block to intercept the attacking limb from a higher position.  In fact, it would be even easier from a higher position.

we do a lot of figure four locks, mostly for knife defense or club defensive moves. he does not show it as much but the figure four works real well when used with a wrist lock through out the hole locking of the move. He is completely correct in korea they love to drop to a knee when doing this move, thats one of the ways my instructor was taught it in korea as well. it works very well. When I teach it though the dropping to one knee I reserve for smaller students that have a hard time walking through the lock so dropping a knee for them is very easy to feel the leverage. It can be used also with a front heel sweep when doing the move if you don't like walking through, taking a knee or pivoting around when doing the lock. I personally don't like to do it from a straight punch but the more ways you do them the more the techniques will flow rather then just trying to memorize them.
And it would be very difficult to accomplish from a straight punch.  Great from several other types of positions/situations though.
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