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The Degradation of Karate is Over!
The Degradation of Karate is Over!
Two thousand years ago wise men sought Christ, wise men still do.

Techniques are situational, principles are universal.

Fast as the wind, quiet as the forest, aggressive as fire, and immovable as a mountain.

He who gets there first with the most...wins!

Minimal force may not be minimum force!

We don't rise to the occasion...we sink to the level of our training.

Nice write up, but it's not going to happen. It's still about kids, tournaments, belts and ego's and the almighty dollar. The vast majority of adults, at least in my neck of the woods, rather get a CCP (concealed carry permit). It beats the heck out of all those years of study in a dojo and thinking that you really can handle yourself, when in fact most really can't, but they've been lead to believe they can by the instructor who's only interested in the almighty dollar. Hey, spend 4 to 8 hours in class and then send some rounds down range and your good to go. No crazy amounts for belts and continued testing and getting hurt sparring. Just around 100 bucks or so and your good to go for at least 4 years. In truth, the adults that do find their way into a martial arts school are there for getting in shape, losing some weight and playing tag with their kids. Even those adults that need credible self defense instructions (police, corrections) can't use what's taught because it conflicts with department policies. So there's nothing left. It's a shame, but the times have changed and folks are/have changed with them.
(04-05-2016, 11:26 PM)sidekick Wrote: Nice write up, but it's not going to happen. It's still about kids, tournaments, belts and ego's and the almighty dollar.
I must be doing something wrong (or right). I don't teach kids, I don't charge for gradings, I'm not really in favour of belts for Krav, I hit the floor as often as my students and I don't make money from my training.

As to the article. I reckon it's way too long for starters and it's pushing a barrow in places. Much of it I agree with but there are two things that I reckon he is plain wrong and I think he is wrong because of ignorance.

First he takes a shot at striking pressure (vital) points and says just hit hard. Hitting hard is fine but aiming to hit the jaw, the neck, the chin, the eyes, the ears, the temple, the groin, the kidneys etc. etc. is not rocket science, it's common sense, and these are all vital points. He is right in saying that there are people out there making money teaching garbage but that is the individual at fault, not the principle. Sure you should hit hard and fast but surely you should be trying to hit effectively as well.

Same goes for Ki/Chi. The way it is promoted and shown by a lot of people as 'magical' is total crap, but that still doesn't mean it is not a valuable addition to the training. Using Ki is using the mind. If you don't want to use it, fine. Just don't rubbish what you don't understand.

A top Australian martial artist blew me away one day when he was talking about the 'unbendable arm'. First he told his audience that Ki was BS then in the next breath said, "imagine your arm is an iron bar attached to the wall". That is just extension of the mind and the classic use of Ki.

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