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MAC video question/comment thread
You will see a thread titled MAC video thread.  This is where IKSDA MAC members will be posting videos in an online seminar format for viewing of all IKSDA members.  I would like to keep that thread purely for the posting of videos by MAC members.  This thread can be used for any/all IKSDA members to ask questions and make comments to the MAC members.

I would ask that when asking a question or making a comment:
  • Indicate which post you are referring to in the video thread.  All posts are numbered in the upper right corner of the post. 
  • Videos have a time stamp so if you have a question/comment on a particular portion please indicate at what time in the video you're referring to.
As an example, a member asking a question could say something along the lines of, "starting at the 3:15 mark of the video in post #14...".  This narrows it down so that the video presenter can refer to that specific point and answer the question or respond to the comment.  Keeps us all on the same sheet of music.

I will ask all IKSDA instructors to make their students aware of this discussion board and specifically the MAC video thread and this thread to ask questions.  This is a valuable IKSDA resource so let's all use it to the fullest.

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