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Martial Arts delusion and how it hurts women.
Martial Arts delusion and how it hurts women.
Two thousand years ago wise men sought Christ, wise men still do.

Techniques are situational, principles are universal.

Fast as the wind, quiet as the forest, aggressive as fire, and immovable as a mountain.

He who gets there first with the most...wins!

Minimal force may not be minimum force!

We don't rise to the occasion...we sink to the level of our training.

Which brings us back to the reality that only a tiny bit of the usual martial art training is about self defence, even though it is a common claim. Self defence is more about avoidance, de-escalation and not fighting.
"Self defence is more about avoidance, de-escalation and not fighting."

While those attributes are fundamental or at least should be, for the generalization of what should be included in SD training, they are not the end results which is key in the training curriculum. One MUST know what to do mentally and physically, because avoidance and de-escalation may not be in the offing. Not fighting takes on it's own direction and meaning. A fight is mutual combat, self defense, when encountering a physical response, is meant to dispatch the attacker as quickly as possible and with any means necessary, to ensure your own well being and safety. Buy any means necessary means what it implies and the method and or techniques used will not be found in a sports play book or a sparring session or a forms seminar. In addition, the mind set has to be - NO!-- MUST BE altered to be willing to do possibly great physical harm to another. Aside from teaching necessary physical responses / techniques, all an instructor can do is to hopefully implant that seed in folks looking specifically for real SD training. The vast majority of women and in truth, most men, really don't have the will to do this type of harm to another. Granted, there's always exceptions, but exception is the operative word here. In truth, most folks like the idea that they think they are learning SD and I guess some training is better than none. Now in reality, they are kidding themselves, but as was pointed out in that link, most men will never have to encounter a situation that calls for real SD and most women 3:4 according again to that link, will also not find themselves in a real SD situation. So most likely, it looks as though teaching and learning real SD looks to be an exercise in futility.................

PS; that's why I don't teach anymore!!

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