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Most brutal art?
One of the ideas that's been in and out of the thread is "mentality", which isn't necessarily unique to any art. Brutality is more than technique, it's a state of mind. What are you willing to do to another person?

There's only so many ways to hurt someone. I teach knee breaks, throat strikes, chokes, gouges, groin hits, takedowns, joint locks, and so on. Many would say those are brutal. But I also recognize that there is a difference between teaching technique that IS brutal vs. instilling a brutal mentality.

This may be less a question of art and more a question of intent of teaching. If the intent is to instill a willingness to brutalize, regardless of art, there will be a significant difference from intent of something else, regardless of art.
Good questions appropriate amount of force is the Idea. its important that if the situation calls for you to protect your life or some one elsa then the old saying is "if somebody is willing to take your life then you need to be ready to take theirs" Be like a tiger in that situation, a tiger is aggressive and will do what ever it takes to survive even kill, it is the primal instinct of that animal however to not kill and to us the appreciate about of force to just get away or even break a joint is a Dragon approach using wisdom and knowledge to guide your actions. If a attacker tries to attack you breaking a joint is one way to make sure their not using that arm or leg against you any more no matter how big they are same goes for targets like you mentioned like eye strikes and addams apple strikes. Chokes is to me are more of a Dragon approach yes you can kill but its forgiving you can stop it however a eye strike once its done you can't take it back. I think if you put the techniques to you students in the context because legaly if you continue to stomp or hit some one and they die and you should have just ended the fight by walking away instead of continuing the ground and pound your going to jail self defense or not if its excessive force.
Every thing you mentioned to me that you teach your students is the um to the yang our art even thought we promote peace we are violent or brutal because thats the nature of any striking art.

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