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Karate 'chop'
Saw an excellent post on another board about underrated techniques and strikes.  I added the following and wanted to post here as well:

Quote:The 'karate-chop' aka knife-hand strike aka EOH (edge of hand) strike is exceptionally effective.  The term 'karate-chop' probable comes from Hollywood.  Knife-hand strike from many karate circles and EOH from WWII Combatives (Fairbair, Applegate, Sykes, Nelson and O'Neill as a few examples).  In fact, the EOH along with the chin jab are a staple of WWII combatives.  

I've used this strike effectively while on-duty against numerous violent and out-of-control felons and it's simple and effective.  My main target area is the side of the neck, sometimes referred to as the brachial plexus in some circles.  Other good target areas are the temples, under the ear, behind the knee, kidneys, under the nose and of course the throat.  The angle you find yourself in when attempting the strike determines the target area.  

Some schools advocate thumb in while WWII combatives teaches thumb out.  Either can and is effective.  

One does not necessarily need to strike from an arcing motion.  A short, linear motion can also generate quite enough power to be effective.  Of course positioning and target area are vital to success.  

This can/is used to set up further techniques such as unbalancing the attacker setting them up for a fall/throw/grab.
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yep it works good I've used it to the side of the neck, either weakens and confuses the attacker or renders them unconscious.

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