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BGT ISC Vs. Gorn
ISC vs. Gorn

**The following is a write up from William for his game with JP**

Here's a writeup of my 1 March 2019 tournament game between myself, flying the ISC cruiser and JP and his Gorn command cruiser.

Turn one: my speed plot was a 15/28 split. JP on the upper hand, started off at speed 14 and then kicked it up to 28 after impulse 16
I started out side slipping to my right for the first eight impulses, then turned left. At range 13 I opened fire with the PPD bidding war for all four pulses; in fact I hit with every PPD pulls I fired this game. After closing the range to 10 I fired my first and Enveloping Plasma torpedo. JP responded by launching a type S at me and then turned away. We spent the rest of turn one running the torpedoes out of energy.

Turn 2: I again plotted a speed split 14/28 This time, I moved quickly at the start of the turn so that I could finish running out JP's first torpedo. Once that hit for minimal damage, I turned back again toward him, right about the time he turned back toward me and fired a second type S. One I reached range 10, I watched my second enveloping torpedo. JP turned away and ran it out for minimal damage to all six shields.

Turn 3: I close to range 13 and fired my PPD again-hitting for four pulses in doing only slight damage to his front shield because of the massive amounts of show reinforcement he put up. About range eight, I proceed to shoot five Phaser I at his front shield, doing enough damage to score 5 internals. When he rushed into attempt to even the score, I turned away and launched one of my rear firings type F torpedoes. Rather than take this on a front shield JP Decided to empty his phasers into it and taken on one of his flank shields.

Turn 4: as I was still arming torpedoes and PPD, I elected to run like a scared puppy, exchanging long-range phaser fire, turning toward him at the end of the turn recurring the fire of my soon to be reloaded PPD.

Turn 5 JP ran into the tournament barrier attempting to get away from one of my Envelopers. Using reserve warp he was able to begin Tacing toward me as the turn ended.

Turn 6: JP plotted Speed 10 as I approached him. His slow speed allowed me to approach. At range 8 I declared Emergency deceleration and hit him with all six pulses of overloaded PPD, stripping many of his weapons. He fired a Type S from a destroyed launcher and a Type from another. I launched yet another Enveloper and launched a Wild weasel the next impulse - he surrendered after the Enveloper hit.
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