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Homemad protein bars
After multiple requests, here is a great recipe for making healthy homemade protein bars:

Get a mixing bowl:

4 cups of oatmeal (organic rolled oats if possible)
1 cup water or milk (almond milk is great)
4 table spoons of peanut butter (again, organic is best if possible, also any nut butter will do i.e. almond or cashew)
5 scoops of protein (whey or a whey blend)

Add any types of crushed nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, coconut slices or whatever takes your fancy. These are fantastic bars! They provide good fats, sustained carbs and protein.

Add the dry ingredients first and then mix with spoon or spatula. Then add water/milk and peanut butter. I use the throw-away kitchen gloves to mix everything and knead it thoroughly. Put the mix in a casserole dish and pat down flat. Pre-cut your bars into whatever sized squares you like. Stick in fridge and in a couple of hours they're ready. No cooking necessary!
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